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We are a team consisting of operational and transaction specialists and accountants who come together to provide you a high quality reliable service. The world of renewable certificates need not be so complicated and restricted, partnering up with LTM Services can improve your business processes as well as cut costs.

We operate in the following countries, but are happy to facilitate transactions outside of them as well:

  • Germany
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  • United Kingdom
  • Estonia

Guarantees of origin

Directive 2009/28/EC on promotion of renewable energy sources – “RES Directive” introduced the new instrument to the EU market. The instrument is an electronic document allowing for the accounting of renewable (as well as fossil in some countries) power.

Guarantees of origin have the sole function of showing to a final customer that a given share or quantity of energy was produced from renewable sources. A guarantee of origin can be transferred, independently of the energy to which it relates, from one holder to another. However, with a view to ensuring that a unit of renewable energy is disclosed to a customer only once, double counting and double disclosure of guarantees of origin should be avoided. Energy from renewable sources in relation to which the accompanying guarantee of origin has been sold separately by the producer should not be disclosed or sold to the final customer as energy from renewable sources. It is important to distinguish between green certificates used for support schemes and guarantees of origin.

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